23 November 2008

Sketch #27

Hello Creative Scrappers from around the world! How are you?
Hopefully, you are ready to be filled with inspiration and let out some creativity!
We have a unique new sketch for you this week!

Sketch #27, by Day:

Please give a welcome to our Guest Designer,
{Amanda Muirhead}

My name is Amanda Muirhead (aka PEIgirl). I live in central Prince Edward Island on Canada's east coast with my husband and daughter. I usually work as a legal assistant, however I am currently taking time off to spend time with my daughter. I have been a scrapbooker for over 10 years but since the birth of my daughter in 2005 I have become passionate (obsessive!?) about it. The main reason that I scrapbook is for the love of the supplies. Ever since I was a child I have loved pretty papers, ribbons, markers, paint, ink, stamps etc. and I would collect them and hoard them. I would pull them out of the drawer to touch them and look at them but I loved my pretty things too much to use them. Scrapbooking allows me to have my cake and eat it too... I get to have all the pretty stuff and when I use it for a project, I get to keep it and still enjoy it (unless it's a gift of course!). I also scrapbook just for the creativity. I have this desire, this need to create. It is a great stress buster, a fun hobby and the obvious bonus is that I am creating something that will be enjoyed by my family for many years to come.

Visit Amanda at her blog: http://amandamuirhead.blogspot.com/

Amanda's take on Sketch #27:

a little bit of beautiful detail...

{Design Team Reveal}

Cheri Fletcher

Melita Chow

Christy Davis

Jodie Kautzner

Susan Dupre

Beckie Dreyer

Wendy Kwok

Karen Lim

Margo Smith

As always, there is a lot going on at Creative Scrappers! The call is up for the next DT, another 1-hour Layout Contest is happening this week, and Sketchfest is coming! If you aren't one of the 1000+ members of our great forum yet, we'd all love to have you join today! Have a great, scrappy-filled week!


  1. Rockin' sketch! Cant wait to do it and counting the hours now til the 1-hour contest.. :)

  2. What a cool sketch - very creative. And SUPER inspiration by the team members!

  3. What a cute sketch!! and the DT layouts ROCK!! beautiful work girls!!


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