25 April 2014

Creative Cake Decorating | Birthday Bash

Are you Ready for this?!

It's a Cake Decorating Challenge !!! Yup, since we are celebrating our birthday I figured why not have a little fun and some cake too!

The Challenge for you is as follows -- 

- Bake a Cake, one you can enjoy after scrapbooking  or
- Create a Paper Cake / a Birthday Card  or even Cupcakes ..
- Somewhere on your cake/card or cupcake you need to have (creative scrappers) this can be on a sheet of paper, on the cake.
- this must be created today or tomorrow
- entry deadline is Sat night April 26th at 9pm EDT
- post to your blog and link back to this post using inlinkz at the bottom


the prize you ask ? 

A YUMMY BOX of SOUP! Jillibean Soup that is !

YUP, Jill is getting this ready for us and
 I'm sure it will be just awesomely filled with some new Soup items!

Please take 2 seconds and visit Jillibean Soup's blog and facebook and thank them for being an awesome sponsor for Creative Scrappers (this gives you bonus points!)

I can't wait to see what you create!
PS: I love any kind of cake... as long as it has sugar i'm happy ;-)
and  HAVE FUN!!


  1. Well I'm not sure if my cake would turn out like that but I did visit the Jillibean facebook page and blog.

  2. yum!!!! that looks good, left Jillibean some love

  3. LOVE Jillibean Soup...and cake!

  4. just made chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing to celebrate. hope to add the photo

  5. ah dang! I made my hubs birthday cake this week....of course, there's no more left...:Z lol..But oh well! Happy Birthday---those cakes look delish!

  6. I will be making a decorated cake for this. However, it wouldn't be a cake but a coffee cake muffin that has apples inside.


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