12 October 2014

Creating With Sketches | eBook

Good day friends!

I'm super excited to be sharing some happy news with you today! My 3rd version of Creating With Sketches is READY! After a few weeks of planning, emailing, organizing and editing - I am Done! I am really happy with the outcome and so thankful to have such great designers included in this publication.

- 120 Unique, Never before posted or will be posted Sketches
- 60 International Designers
- 26 Amazing Sponsors
- 60 pages of inspiration for you 

It's currently available for purchase in digital format for 10$ 
( our designers are flooding social media with coupon codes - I'm sure you can find one !! if not please use V3Kristine to save 10% off your V3 digi purchase )

The Printed Version is also available for sale 18$ plus shipping 
( preorder is until October 15th - please order if you wish a printed copy )

Designers included in the publication are:
Angela Alexander, Lynn Shaffer, Genevieve Allen, Marcia Dehn Nix, Aurelie Cormier, Cindy Fortin, Tarrah McLean, Suzanna Lee, Delaina Burns, Stephanie Hart, Nicole Nowosad, Juliana Michaels, Elisa Delora,  Kathy Skou, Tina McDonald, Jackleen George, Marielle LeBlanc, Michelle Gallant, Jody Rogers, Alison Day, DeeDee Catron, Caroline Elliam, Mayoori Jain, Diana Poirier, Stacia Brandt, Yasmina Tin Sang, Marianne Sjoberg, Debbi Tehrani, Shannon Morgan, Ashley Horton, Wendi Robinson, Cari Orellana, Veronique Levasseur, Sabrina Turpin, Mandy Dodd, Lizzy Crust, Jessica Dougherty, Missy Whidden, Caroli Schulz, Audrey Yeager, Lynn Kopas, Becky Springer, Sara Zenger, Annelie Maddock, JJ Sobey, Isabelle Doucette, Isabelle Naud, Mercy Tiara, Rebecca Keppel, Michelle Whorwood, Tracee Provis, Teresa Horner, Kristine Davidson, Tara Elias, Ana Castro, Melany Lefebvre, Elina Stromberg, Monique Liedtke, Bernii Miller, Sherri Funk, Melissa Dehne, Stephanie Berger, Connie Hall.

I'm very thankful for my sponsors in this publication 

( please LIKE them on facebook and tell them Kristine Davidson sent you! )


Thank you Everyone for your support and encouragement! 

Without you this wouldn't be possible  



  1. Très beau travail Kristine! Bravo!!

  2. Well done, the sketches and layouts all look amazing!

  3. Can't wait to see the new book. Congratulations!


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