04 December 2014

Creating With Sketches | On Sale

It's a great day to have a sale day! 

If you haven't purchased your copy of Creating With Sketches (V1, V2, or V3) today is the day! Need some inspiration? a little push in creativity? remember all those pictures you took of apple picking, pumpkin carving, and turkey dinner? Yes, you need to scrapbook those. My sketches will get your juices flowing and those pages created!!! Guaranteed ;-)

For a Limited time, your digital copy is available for 5$  
No Coupon Code required
 These are in pdf format and you can print them at your local business printing store - add a coil binding or three hole punch cover and VOILA!

Thank you for being part of Creative Scrappers and Enjoy Creating With Sketches!


  1. The vol 3 shows up as 18 and not 5 ?

  2. Hi Solange J., the 18,00 is related to the printed copy. To get the 5,00 digital copy click on the link :


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