31 July 2016

Cocoa Vanilla Studios | Preorder

I have always loved Zoe Pearn's work since she was a designer for My Mind's Eye way back in the early 2000's. I was super excited to hear that she had started a new company called Cocoa Vanilla Studios. This company is based out of Australia and gaining more popularity each day as their amazing design team creates such beautiful projects.  You can purchase their products from several retailers around the world or directly from their website.

Let's take a look at this gorgeous collection shall we?!

I wanted to share their new collection with you and also to let you know what Creative Scrappers is currently taking PREORDERS for the new Love Always collection! This is the perfect time for your to get your hands on Zoe's new collection and coming directly to you from Australia !

Visit Creative Scrappers on Shopify to Preorder! 
Taking preorders until August 10th 2016
Amounts are listed in USD and we ship WORLDWIDE
Local Residents can select FREE Shipping and etransfer is available.

Please Visit Cocoa Vanilla Studios 

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