05 October 2016

Creative Scrappers | Design Team Members

Thank You to all of you who sent in applications for this Design Team Call. I was really over whelmed by your emails and interest to join Creative Scrappers. I want to first say THANK YOU to our existing team members. They all created some pretty amazing pages and I certainly enjoyed having them on board with me this season.

I also want to say Thank you to those of you who did not make the team. It's hard to select only a few members and I know it's not easy putting yourself out there to be " judged " and I would like to encourage you to never give up! Seriously. We all started somewhere and we all have a chance ;)

Please join me in welcoming the new team members - They will be here with Us until March 2017 and all of them are excited to be here and can't wait for the first reveal in November with our 300th sketch!

Congratulation ladies! Welcome to Creative Scrappers !


  1. So so happy to join this amazing team!!!! Can't wait to get started and experience the adventure with you all. Thanks Kristine Davidson for that wonderful opportunity!

  2. Congrats to all the new team! You must be thrilled! I am looking forward to all the inspiration you will be bringing to us here!


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