22 December 2016

Update: Creating with Sketches Preorders

I would first like to say Thank You for your patience and your preorders of my recent sketchbook. The books were ordered in late November with a planned delivery to me by December 10-14. I did get a small quantity on Wedesday and shipped them - paypal shipping emails were sent out accordingly. I did get all V4 printed books today, all of V2 and nothing for V1 and V3. I am extremely disappointed and was told that the rest of my order will arrive on December 29. 

I know some of you did order all 4 versions and I sincerely apologize for the late delivery. 

I am really sorry to those that won't get their orders before Christmas or New Years. That certainly wasn't my intension. 

To those of you who will be receiving your V4 copies shortly thank you for your patience as well . I hope it was worth the wait and you find some inspiration in those pages. 

Sorry and please know that the books are/will be shipping as soon as i have them. 

Thank you friends,

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